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What is Plasti Dip? Why is it Great?

Plasti Dip is an easy alternative to painting or vehicle wrapping. Originally used for dipping tool handles, it is a flexible, rubber coating. Luckily for us, its manufacturers eventually developed a specific formulation to be used on vehicles bodywork. To avoid painting a whole car with spray cans of Plasti Dip, our products are packaged by the gallon in buckets and are designed to work with a standard paint spray gun. If applied properly, Plasti Dip can last for at least three years without the need for retouching. It is very durable and will not lose its bond. Refresher coats of Plasti Dip can be sprayed on at any time in order for the paint to last as long as possible. Check out our car body shop for more information.

We are one of the UK’s only providers of Plasti Dipping. Forget vehicle wraps this is the future!

What colours does Plasti Dip come in?

Initially, Plasti Dip only had the colours of the rainbow to offer, but as customers began to demand more colours, suppliers had to meet this increased demand. Now, we can offer over 50 colours different to choose from. Contact our team today for an up to date list of colours. This enables Plasti Dip to be a great option when modifying your vehicle. Our car body shop has found that this wider range of available colours has made Plasti Dip much more suitable.

When deciding on the best method of car modification, there are other methods to consider.

Is Plasti Dip the best option when compared to a vehicle wrap?

Vehicle wrapping is a popular option for car exterior customization because of its easy installation and lower cost than a full paint job. Sheets of the vinyl film are cut and stretched to fit each body panel precisely. However, this is more costly than applying Plasti Dip. Both options will be less expensive than a conventional paint job. Even though both solutions can be applied yourself, our car body shop strongly suggests that regardless of whether you choose Plasti Dip or a vehicle wrap, you take your car to a professional. Many of our customers agree that this is far better than a traditional vehicle wrap.

You can also add logos to your vehicle on top of plasti dip. Like a vehicle wrap it provides a good base to add text and images. Check out our upgraded van at the bottom of this page!

Here is everything you need to know about Plasti Dip

Durability is an extremely important factor to consider when comparing these methods. To get the most out of a Plasti Dip coat, additional products such as; UV protectant coatings to battle the sun’s rays; a gasoline protector so you don’t eat away the area around the fuel door; etc. As long as your vehicle is cleaned fairly regularly after being painted using Plasti Dip, this method will be very durable. Even though it will begin to break down after approximately three years, our car body shop has found that continual care and maintenance allows it to look presentable for much longer! If you notice any chips in the coating, you can simply spray the affected areas and do some touch-up work to blend the repair in with the rest of the surface. Plasti Dip is your only option if you are looking to protect the outer edges of your wheels. It will provide protection from debris damage on the face of your rims. This rubber coating will protect the paintwork beneath in both winter and summer, as it holds up well in extreme heat, as well as winter snow, ice, rain and even salt. If you need to remove the paint protection solution and return your vehicle to its pristine factory paint job, Plasti Dip coating is very easy to remove. Our car body shop knows that it can be as simple as finding a corner and peeling it all off; as the coating will stick to itself it will come off in one sheet. 

You can find out more about how plasti dip compares to other paints in this article.

Plasti dip vehicle paint, plasti dip services at our car body shop in Kent
The alternative to vehicle wraps plasti dip is the future.

So in summary…

To summarise, the benefits of Plasti Dip are: cost, shorter application time, mistakes can be easily corrected or redone, overspray rubs or wipes off, removable and very cheap to change colour once dipped. After considering these benefits, we believe that applying Plasti Dip is a much better option than a vehicle wrap.

A common concern revolves around the maintenance of the dip after application. However, this is simple because it can be cleaned in much the same way as you would regular paint – with soapy water and a soft cloth, followed by a thorough rinsing! In addition to this, our car body shop can confirm that it is safe to use window cleaner on plasti dip. When cleaning your vehicle after applying it, just ensure that any cleaning products do not contain thinners, solvents or gasoline.

Other things to consider

One of our vehicle body shop’s top tips is when considering dipping new or newly repainted cars, we recommend testing your paint before applying any Plasti Dip. We suggest waiting six months before applying any removable coatings. If you wish to dip earlier, apply a small amount and then remove it after it has dried in order to ensure the paint is cured enough to withstand the application and removal process. We suggest testing this way before dipping any car. Once you have confirmed that the paint is suitable to apply Plasti Dip, our vehicle body shop suggests a minimum of 6 wet coats.

plasti dip, van bodyshop and vehicle wrapping
Plasti dip your van for bespoke branding designs.

Use Jenkins & Pain, Award-Winning Accident Repair

There you have it, If you do find yourself with damage to your beloved paintwork and need a car repair or van repair you can count on us to complete all jobs using industry-standard processes. We offer free quotes and with our exclusive repair service, we are sure you will be happy with the results. Contact our Vehicle Body Shop today. Jenkins & Pain are a vehicle accident repair centre based in Dover, Kent. We are proud to call ourselves an award-winning accident repair centre. Check out our guide on how to look after your alloys!

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