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Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy Wheel Repair? Scuffs, Scratches and Dents? We Fix Them All!

Over the years, we have repaired thousands of alloy wheels (and of course body panels). We pay close attention to every detail, and focus on carrying out alloy wheel restorations safely and correctly. If you have invested in a set of alloy wheels for your car, the chances are that you’ll want to keep them in excellent condition. Alloy wheels are a fantastic attribute for any car to have. Keeping them damage-free not only keeps your car looking great, but it also helps the car maintain its residual value. Accidents do happen, scuffed alloys and kerbed alloys are all too common. On those occasions, when your alloy wheels find themselves in less than perfect condition, you’ll want to restore them as soon as possible. We can guarantee quality and safety across all our alloy wheel repair and refinish services.

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High Quality Alloy Wheel Repair

When you bring your alloy wheel in for repair at Jenkins & Pain we make sure that our decades of experience is reflected in our work. 

Alloy Wheel Prices

Starting from as little as
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alloy wheel repair, kerbed alloys, alloy wheel restoration

In Need Of Colour?

Our award winning accident repair centre features a top of the range car paint respray facility. We are able to accurately match the colour of your alloy wheels and can even carry out an Alloy wheel spray in the colour of your choosing if you so wish. We are specialists in alloy wheel restoration of kerbed alloys and we can guarantee results you will be satisfied with.

How Do We Carry Out Our Repairs?

Repair to alloy wheels can breathe new life into a car. We begin our alloy repair service by first cleaning the damaged area, revealing the extent of the scrape or scuff of the kerbed alloys. Once the alloy wheel has been cleaned, and the damage is fully visible, our specialist will then repair and prepare the wheel for refinishing. In some cases wheel have a machined finish and these repairs will be carried using a lathe style process.


Alloy wheels are restored by carefully sanding the area to remove the damage, such as a kerb scuff or chips to the alloy trim. If the alloy has been chipped, a filler can be used to repair the profile of the wheel before it is sanded again to blend the repair into the existing alloy wheel. This means the repair can be conducted to a perfectly smooth area of the car, allowing for a flawless finish. Once the alloy wheel has been properly prepared, the repair specialist will complete the alloy wheel repair by applying a primer and colour coded paint to ensure the wheels look ‘as good as new’. We use specialist equipment and technology to ensure that the final colour blends perfectly into the surrounding area, so you won’t even be able to tell where the repair took place. This method of repairing alloy wheels allows for a brilliant finish. All the work we carry out is guaranteed. 


If you have more questions relating to our alloy wheel restoration process head over to our FAQ page for more information. Jenkins & Pain are also specialists in all car and light commercial bodywork repairs which includes all vehicles up to 6 metres long and 3.5 metres high. To find out more about our alloy wheel repairs or any other car and light commercial vehicle body repairs please give us a call on 01304 82 82 83, or alternatively you can arrange a free estimate via our online form.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels - Car Body Shop

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels? No Problem

Where there is more than cosmetic damage to wheels such as diamond cut alloys more specialist equipment is used. This equipment can repair/reface the surface of the wheel and re coat where necessary. We have facilities to help us repair these types of damages quickly and professionally.


Contact our team today if you have any questions about your alloy wheel repair requirements.