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Most common car colours in the UK

Psychology of Colours – Revealed by our Body Shop Specialists

An important role in an individual’s choice of car colour is colour psychology, which can also be used to suggest an individual’s characteristics, based on their choices. Although our body shop knows that we cannot be certain as to whether or not people make predictions or personality judgements based on the colour of someone’s car, our accident repair centre can speculate about your disposition on the colour of car you buy or the colour of Plasti Dip that you choose.

So, what does our body shop believe your car colour say about you?

Silver: If you have a silver car, it connotes ideas of you being cool, confident and calm on the road.

Blue: Our accident repair centre describes blue as the colour of safety and stability. This suggests that you may be of caution when driving.

Black: If this is your chosen colour of car or Plasti Dip, you may be seen as intimidating to other drivers. It is the most popular colour for luxury vehicles. This is probably because it is suggestive of power. 

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Red: Our vehicle body shop speculates that those with red cars have high energy levels, due to their interest in promoting confidence and power into those around you.

Grey: You are knowledgeable, have great self-reliance and are happy to go with the flow of life, if grey if your choice of car colour of Plasti Dip.

White: If white is your preference, you value the need for organisation. Our accident repair centre believes that you hold a high regard for both yourself and your status.

Yellow: Our body shop views those with a yellow car as optimistic. We believe that they have a joyful disposition and are seemingly more willing to take risks.

Green: Those who are partial to a green car have a very strong sense of self and do not care what others think of them. This colour of car paint or Plasti Dip is most prominently associated with nature and is viewed as a relaxing colour. Drivers who pick darker shades of green are likely to want to portray a balanced and credible persona. However, those who pick a lighter shade of green are signalling to others a trendy and whimsical character.

However, it is important to remember that not all individuals get their preference as to what colour of car they purchase, especially when buying used vehicles.

The colour of your car can have adverse effects on many other things, such as car safety and theft. Here are some of these effects described in detail…

Car Safety

According to a recent study, yellow cars have proven to be the safest, purely because they are more visible to other drivers. In contrast, black, brown and green cars are twice as likely to be involved in an accident concerning serious injury, and therefore require accident repair. This suggests that there is a significant link between the colour of a vehicle and the number of crashes they are involved in. It has been found that black cars are up to 47% more likely to be involved in a crash!

Car colour and theft

Despite silver being the most popular car colour in the UK, it has also been found to be the most likely car colour to be stolen. One reason for this is that they will not attract as much attention as there are more of these on the road. Another reason is that the average resale value is higher, as quirky colours can be harder to sell. For similar reasons, white cars are also very likely to be stolen.

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Car style and personality

Another way to help determine key traits within someone’s personality is the style of the car. Similarly to colour, different types of cars bring us to different conclusions as to what that person may be like. A prime example would be Volvos. These are generally consumed for convenience by those with family, as opposed to new drivers. 

Car franchises such as Rolls Royce (that are renowned for selling cars of high prices), can arguably categorise their consumers as ‘status seekers’ that are in the higher-income bracket. Whereas those who drive smaller cars are said to be more economically concerned and often live in cities – where long commutes do not have to be made as often.

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