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The ADAS resets experts at our car body repair centre explain why you should check your engine light immediately. Courtesy van

Why you Should Check your Engine Light Immediately

There are numerous reasons why the check engine light might turn on. Our car body repair specialists know that the engine light is a very important part of your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system. Your car’s computer will illuminate the warning whenever a problem is detected with the powertrain. Which is the engine, transmission and related components. Which could consequently increase tailpipe emissions. For instance, a faulty gas cap, which would allow fuel vapours to escape into the atmosphere, can trigger the light. Likewise, an internal engine problem that results in a misfire, and therefore increased hydrocarbon emissions, can also turn the light on. To make things more complicated, because each car is different, what triggers the light can vary. This can vary by year, model and make.

In other words, there is no way to say exactly why your check engine light is illuminated without performing diagnostic work. What our ADAS resets experts can assure you is that the check engine light comes on for powertrain-related problems. Issues with, for example, your antilock braking system will trigger the ABS light, rather than the check engine light. Of course, nowadays, because various parts of a vehicle are closely interrelated, in some rare cases, a problem within one subsystem (e.g., the antilock brakes) can trigger a warning in another subsystem (e.g., the powertrain). But for the most part, our courtesy van experts know that the check engine light means there’s a problem somewhere in the powertrain or related components. 

Meaning of Solid vs. Flashing Check Engine Light

The check engine light meaning can vary depending on whether the light is flashing or solid. Both solid and flashing engine check lights indicate that a problem has been detected. However, a flashing engine check light indicates that there is a serious problem that requires your immediate attention. If you see a flashing light, it’s best to contact a car body repair mechanic as soon as possible in order to prevent serious damage.

In some vehicles, our courtesy van specialists know that the engine light will not flash when the situation is urgent. Instead, the light will illuminate in red or orange instead of yellow when an urgent issue has been detected. The bottom line is that you should always get your vehicle diagnosed and repaired regardless of whether the check engine light is flashing or solid. A flashing light indicates an urgent issue that needs to be taken care of right away. To protect your vehicle – and avoid costly repairs – our ADAS resets experts recommend seeking a mechanic’s help as soon as possible.

The ADAS resets and courtesy van experts at our car body repair centre explain why you should check your engine light immediately.

Common Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Might Be On

With the above in mind, let’s explore some of the most common reasons that your check engine light might be on. 

1. Engine problems 

Our car body repair specialists believe that it goes without saying that engine problems can trigger the check engine light. A control module monitors engine operation via a collection of sensors and when a problem is detected it then turns the check engine light on. 

2. Transmission problems

Your car’s transmission manipulates the engine power and transfers it to the drive wheels. Because the two assemblies work together so closely, a fault with the transmission can also increase tailpipe emissions. Therefore, if the control module detects a problem with the transmission, our ADAS resets specialists can confirm that it will turn on the check engine light.

3. Emissions equipment problems

Modern vehicles, including courtesy vans, have a plethora of emissions equipment onboard. There’s the exhaust gas recirculation system, the catalytic converter, the evaporative emissions system – and the list continues. Each piece of the puzzle is designed to minimise tailpipe emissions, therefore, protecting the environment and making the world a safer place. We won’t explain each of these components and systems individually because, honestly, there are too many to list. But believe us when we say an emissions equipment failure can easily turn the check engine light on. 

The ADAS resets and courtesy van experts at our car body repair centre explain why you should check your engine light immediately.

4. Modules and sensors (electronic powertrain controls) problems 

A wide variety of sensors and modules govern today’s powertrains. In addition to this, the modules communicate with one another over a vast data network. Issues with sensors, modules, networks and wiring can cause the check engine light to be triggered.

5. Air/fuel delivery problems

Our courtesy van experts know that your car’s engine needs the correct amount of both air and fuel in order to run properly. When it gets either too much or too little of one or the other, the control module will most likely notice. The device then turns the check engine light on. 

6. Ignition system problems 

The ignition system includes the spark plugs, coil packs, and everything else required to ignite the air/fuel mixture inside the engine. As you likely guessed, the control module monitors ignition system operation, and it will turn on the check engine light if a problem is detected.

Can Low Oil Cause the Check Engine Light to Come On?

Some people believe that the check engine light indicates that their vehicle is running low on oil. The engine check light can turn on for a number of different reasons, but a low oil level is not typically one of them. Our car body specialists know that being low on oil is a serious problem, but it will not trigger your check engine light. It will, however, cause the oil light on your dashboard to illuminate. The oil light looks like an oil can with a drop of oil dripping from its spout. If you see this light turn on, this could be an indication that your vehicle needs more oil.

Is It Safe to Drive With The Check Engine Light On?

Our ADAS resets experts recommend that you pay close attention to your vehicle’s performance. Can you hear any strange sounds? Is your vehicle still driving smoothly or is it stopping and surging? If you don’t notice anything unusual, it’s likely safe to continue driving your vehicle to a safe location. Even though the check engine light is illuminated. However, proceed with caution and be sure to get it diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. If, however, something is different about your vehicle’s performance or if other dashboard lights suddenly turn on as well. Our accident repair centre’s car body repair specialists assure you that it’s best to stop driving as soon as possible. We also recommend slowing down and trying to avoid quickly accelerating or shifting gears. Remain at this slow and steady pace until you can safely pull over and turn your vehicle off.

The ADAS resets and courtesy van experts at our car body repair centre explain why you should check your engine light immediately.

You won’t know what the check engine light truly means, until you have your car diagnosed by a professional car body repair expert. The warning could be an indication of something simple and harmless. But it could be something serious that could cause further damage to your vehicle. If your engine light illuminates, you may want to try tightening the gas cap.

Remember, a check engine light can turn on as a result of a loose gas cap, so tightening the cap firmly could solve the problem. If the light turns off, there’s no need to get a service for your car. If the light is still on, it could indicate that there is a more serious problem with your vehicle. You shouldn’t take any chances. If your check engine light is on, our car body repair experts recommend that you have a professional check. To then diagnose and repair the issue right away.

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