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We won the best accident repair center at the ABP National Body Shop Awards

We Won At The ABP National Body Shop Awards


In the world of vehicle repairs and restoration, the National Bodyshop Awards stand as a prestigious platform that recognises outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment to excellence. This year’s event witnessed a historic moment as we ‘Jenkins & Pain’, a renowned vehicle bodyshop, emerged victorious, capturing the attention and applause of industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. Adding an extra glimmer to our triumph, we received a distinguished award from LV, one of the UK’s leading insurance providers. Let us delve into the remarkable journey of Jenkins & Pain and explore the significance of our triumph at the National Bodyshop Awards.

Building a Legacy of Excellence

“Jenkins & Pain, a name synonymous with top-notch craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, has been an influential force in the vehicle bodyshop industry for over a hundred years” (Quote from Zoominfo). Established in Dover, Kent, we quickly gained recognition for our unparalleled commitment to quality and precision. Led by a team of dedicated professionals, we built a legacy based on trust, reliability, and a steadfast pursuit of perfection. Our relentless pursuit of excellence in every facet of our work has earned us a stellar reputation that preceded our grand success at the National Bodyshop Awards.

The National Bodyshop Awards

The National Bodyshop Awards is an annual gala event and serves as a platform to honor and celebrate exceptional talent, innovation, and achievements within the vehicle bodyshop industry. This esteemed ceremony brings together industry experts, insurance providers, manufacturers, and repair professionals, offering an opportunity to network, exchange knowledge, and applaud excellence.

At this year’s National Bodyshop Awards, we made an indelible mark by securing a coveted award from LV, a prominent insurance provider known for its commitment to customer-centric solutions. The accolade acknowledged our exemplary performance in delivering exceptional repair services while maintaining the highest industry standards. Our attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship, and use of cutting-edge technology sets us apart as an industry leader. This award from LV serves as a testament to our tireless efforts in exceeding our customer expectations and maintaining strong partnerships within the insurance sector.

We won the best accident repair center at the ABP National Body Shop Awards
We won a National Bodyshop Award

A Testament to Commitment and Collaboration

Jenkins & Pain’s triumph at the National Bodyshop Awards is not only a reflection of our individual excellence but also a testimony to our commitment, collaboration and teamwork. The company’s success is deeply rooted in the collective efforts of our dedicated staff, who consistently go above and beyond to provide unparalleled service. Their ability to work seamlessly with insurance providers like LV showcases their commitment to maintaining strong relationships and a customer-centric approach. By fostering an environment of collaboration and synergy, we have set an example for other industry players to emulate.

Use Jenkins & Pain, Award-Winning Accident Repair Centre

There you have it, if you do find yourself with damage to your beloved paintwork, plasti dip or steering alignment and need a dent repair, van body repair, ADAS resets or vehicle wrapping you can count on us to complete all jobs using industry-standard processes. We offer free quotes and with our exclusive repair service, we are sure you will be happy with the results. Contact our Vehicle Body Shop today. Jenkins & Pain are an accident repair centre based in Dover, Kent. We are proud to call ourselves an award-winning accident repair centre. Check out our guide on how to look after your alloys!

Ready to Visit Our Vehicle Body Shop?

We understand how costly and inconvenient it is for a vehicle to be off the road and therefore we use processes that ensure your vehicle is repaired quickly and efficiently. So whether you need minor scratch repairs, major body repair, dent repair, or alloy wheel restoration, our van body shop and car body shop can guarantee a high-quality service. We also repair light commercial vehicles and motorhomes. Contact us today for a paint repair at our Car Body Shop!

vehicle bodyshop, award-winning accident repair centre, Kent
We are an award-winning vehicle repair centre based in Kent. Accident repair, Kent

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