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Car emissions - green parts

Ways to Reduce Emissions

Reducing your vehicle’s emissions is not only good for the environment, but a cleaner car also offers better performance, increased fuel economy and is less expensive to run. Using green parts and other simple changes can alter your cars emissions.The body shop experts at our accident repair centre have decided on the most significant ways to reduce your emissions…

10 Ways our Accident Repair Centre Encourages you to Reduce your Emissions:

Use better fuel

You will often see more expensive fuels alongside regular unleaded and diesel, usually labelled as ‘premium’, ‘ultimate’ or ‘super’. These types of fuel contain active cleaning agents to remove dirt from the engine, which should improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Our accident repair centre has found that some motorists have even noticed an increase in performance.

Use a cleaning agent

As a car gets older, harmful deposits can build up in the vehicle’s engine. This reduces the efficiency of the vehicle and increases its emissions. By adding a cleaning agent to the fuel system, it will help to remove the deposits and therefore lower the emissions. The experts at our vehicle body shop encourage you to consider using a premium fuel that already contains these additives. The exhaust and fuel cleaner that you choose should be used every three months to maintain optimum efficiency.

Change the oil

Engine oil is the fluid that cleans, cools, lubricates and prevents wear. To keep your vehicle running at optimum efficiency, it must be changed regularly. Our accident repair centre recommends that you check your vehicle’s handbook to make sure you check and top up your oil in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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Our vehicle body shop explains the importance of changing your engine oil…

Check your tyre pressure

Low tyre pressure increases fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In order to avoid this, our vehicle body shop recommends that you check your tyre pressure at least once a month or in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Furthermore, when you are replacing your tyres, consider choosing ones that have low rolling resistance.

Change the air filter

As an air filter gets more and more clogged up, the airflow to the engine is reduced. This can lead to a multitude of issues because if an engine cannot breathe, deposits will build up, causing premature wear and tear. Check the recommended service intervals for the optimum time to change the filter. The experts at our accident repair centre have found that you should be prepared to change it more regularly if you live in a dustier environment.

Change your driving style

Our vehicle body shop has found that by simply altering your driving style, you can significantly lower your level of emissions. By braking sooner, changing gear earlier and slowing down, you can reduce wear and tear whilst also maintaining efficiency.

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The experts at our accident repair centre reveal how changing your driving style can reduce your emissions…

Air conditioning system

Using the air conditioning makes the engine work harder, increasing the vehicle emissions. The vehicle experts at our accident repair centre would like to encourage you to turn off the air conditioning a few miles before arriving at your destination. This is because the system will allow cool air to continue circulating via the fans. Even though using your vehicle’s air conditioning system increases emissions, ensure to use it at least once a week to prevent expensive repairs further down the line. However, it may be more fuel efficient to use your vehicle’s climate control system than it is to travel with the windows down. This is due to drag being created, increasing fuel consumption and therefore emissions.

Avoid unnecessary driving

Think of as many alternatives to driving as possible! Our vehicle body shop suggests walking, cycling, using public transport or a car sharing scheme. These options mean that you can leave your car at home, which will emit nothing.

Maintain your vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency

We recommend removing items such as roof racks, bike carriers and roof boxes when they are not in use. This is due to these items creating resistance and causing drag, resulting in an increase in your vehicle emissions.

Change your car

Due to manufacturers facing increasingly stringent environmental legislation, modern cars are more efficient than ever! Although our accident repair centre has listed several ways that can help you lower the emissions of your existing vehicle, a newer car might be the best option if you are required to reduce your emissions significantly.

So, there you have our accident repair centre’s top ten ways to reduce your vehicle’s emissions! Our vehicle body shop now reveals how green parts can help reduce your emissions…

Green parts are official manufacturer parts that have been removed from a vehicle during the dismantling and recycling process. The labelling as ‘green’ parts is derived from the fact that they are parts that can be reused in a secondary vehicle, instead of new parts being manufactured. Buying a green part prevents the need for a new part to be manufactured, resulting in significant energy and resource savings worldwide. It has been estimated that recycled parts save eighty billion barrels of oil each year in manufacturing and transport processes, while also increasing the lifespan of countless existing vehicles. By improving these factors, green parts can help you indirectly reduce your emissions.

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Our accident repair experts explain everything you need to know about green parts.

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