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Insurance repairs at Jenkins & Pain

Sometimes it can be very frustrating dealing with your insurance provider after a stressful incident when your vehicle has been damaged. Your insurance company will try to send you to a vehicle repair shop of their choice. Most people go along with their decision. However you can decide which bodyshop to send your vehicle to for the accident repairs to be carried out.

Remember, you’re the customer and therefore have the right to choose where your vehicle goes for the insurance repairs. Know your rights and don’t allow your insurance company to make the decision for you. We will repair your vehicle to its pre accident condition. At Jenkins & Pain we will also use approved manufacturer technology and methods. Our technicians have had the highest level of training.

Sometimes your insurance provider may advise you that they will raise your excess if you don’t use their repairer of choice. They are not allowed to do this. They may also say that you have to obtain additional estimates. Again you do not have to do this.

Remember you have a legal right to choose who carries out your insurance repairs. Your insurance company still have an obligation to pay for the repairs.

So why not choose Jenkins & Pain where our friendly team are ready to help whenever you need us.

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We understand how costly and inconvenient it is for a vehicle to be off the road and therefore we use processes that ensure your vehicle is repaired quickly and efficiently. So whether you need minor scratch repairs, major body repair, or alloy wheel refurbishment, our van body shop and car body shop can guarantee a high-quality service. We also repair light commercial vehicles and motorhomes. Contact us today for a paint repair at our Car Body Shop!

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