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Potholes: Winter Alert

The alloy wheel repair experts at our vehicle body shop centre know that many people worry about potholes and the damage they can cause, so our van repair specialists have revealed everything you need to know about potholes…

How are potholes formed?

Most roads are made up of three layers. The top layer is meant to repel water but can get worn down by traffic, extreme weather, and heavy use. This can cause cracks in the road, which allows water to get in where it would normally be repelled. Water can damage and dislodge the other layers, which can impact the road’s ability to retain its structure. If you feel like a pothole materialized on your road out of nowhere, this is likely because the top layer was so damaged that it eventually just collapsed.

Signs of pothole damage

Potholes can damage your car in a variety of different ways, and it is important to monitor your car for anything unusual in case you drove over one and did not realize the problems it may have caused.

Warning light comes on. If you feel your car hit a pothole hard and a warning light comes on in the near future, it is likely that the two are related and the warning should not be ignored. This is the most obvious sign that there is damage to your vehicle.

Bulging tyre. Potholes can puncture your tyre if hit at a certain spot. If you notice part of your tyre protruding, you should stop driving and get this fixed.

Steering wheel is vibrating or pulling to one side. Any issues with your steering wheel are extremely important and should not be ignored. This could be anything from a slight vibration or feeling like your wheel wants to pull more heavily in one direction. This is an indication that the pothole impacted the alignment of your vehicle or the steering component.

Unusual noise. If something was dislodged on the underside of your vehicle, this could cause a noise that you are not familiar with. This is a great reminder to periodically drive with your radio or music off so that you can listen for any strange sounds that you may not otherwise notice.

Potholes, alloy wheel repair, van repair, vehicle body shop
The van repair and alloy wheel repair experts at our vehicle body shop reveal everything you need to know about potholes…

How to avoid damage from potholes

Drive defensively. This is the most important thing you can do to stay safe on the road, no matter where you are or what time of year it is. However, it is especially important that you are paying extra attention to the road in order to avoid potholes as much as possible. Slow down if you have to, especially if you are in an unfamiliar area and therefore not accustomed to the roads.

Be safe. Although you want to do your best to avoid potholes, this should not come at the expense of vehicle safety. Do not swerve out of your lane to get around a pothole because you could be putting yourself or others in danger. There are safe ways to drive over potholes, which is always going to be a better alternative to jerking your car around the road.

Do not brake. If you do find yourself in a situation where driving over a pothole is unavoidable, there are measures you can take to lessen the impact. In the same way that you should handle driving over speed bumps, and take your foot off either the gas or brake pedal, and glide over. Hold onto the steering wheel tightly to maintain control and do not be afraid to slow down.

If there is one pothole, there is probably more. Do not assume that just because you successfully navigated the first one that you are in the clear. Keep your eyes on the road ahead so you do not come up on the next one unexpectedly, forcing you to brake quickly or swerve to avoid it.

Our van repair experts know that the best thing you can do for your car is learning how to take care of it. By educating yourself on the science behind potholes, you are extending the life of your vehicle whenever you take the time to get to know it. The winter months can take a toll on your vehicle, but there are various measures you can take to prepare.

pot holes, alloy wheel repair, van repair, vehicle body shop
The van repair and alloy wheel repair experts at our vehicle body shop reveal everything you need to know about potholes…

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We specialise in van repairs, car repairs, alloy wheel repairs and plasti-dip.

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