Jenkins and Pain Kent's Premiere Accident Repair Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Sustaining damage to your vehicle, can be a very upsetting and distressful time. We have outlined some common questions you might be seeking answers to. Hopefully these points will give you some peace of mind throughout all stages of the repair process. If we have not managed to answer your questions below, please do not hesitate to contact us, via the website, email or telephone.


I have had an accident but do not want to claim on my insurance?

We are happy and able to take on any repairs no matter how big or small. We can give you a full written estimate for the cost of repairs. If you are referred by one of our approved manufacturers or insurance providers this is a F.O.C service. Our estimate will provide you with the full break down of costs for labour, paint & materials, parts and any other additional work that may be required. The estimate we provide will be to complete the repairs to Manufacturer Approved Repair standards, ensuring that your vehicle is returned to its former condition. If you then decide to make a claim due to the cost of repairs simply give us the name of your insurance company and the claim reference number and we can liaise with them directly. You will still get your estimate fee back on completion of repairs.


I have been hit by a third party and they want to pay for the repairs?


When you are hit by a third party, it can sometimes be a very awkward situation. We are happy to estimate the damage and provide you with a written estimate to pass on to the third party. At this point if the third party agrees to the estimated cost of repairs, we advise that you do not accept any payment directly but to get them to contact us. This gives the third party peace of mind that they know what they are paying for, but in addition to that you will not incur any additional charges were the estimate may rise through out the repairs. Talk to us if you have any concerns as we can take the full claim out of your hands and deal with the process from start to finish, leaving you with a courtesy car or van for the duration of the repair.


My insurance company are asking me to use a repair garage which is not manufacturer approved, what do I do?


All insurance companies will have a network of approved repairers, which they will immediately send you to. Whilst they are persistent and insistent that you must use one of their approved repairers, it is your legal right to send your vehicle to an accident repair centre of your choice. We will happily work with most insurance companies or management companies, we simply need a claim reference number and an AudaTex send code, in order to discuss our estimates directly to them.



Will I get a courtesy car when my vehicle is in for repairs?

Yes and even better than that – it is a free service we provide! The only stipulations we have with regards to courtesy vehicles are that the vehicle is comprehensively insured during the period you are driving the vehicle. Whether you are paying for the repairs or the insurance company is, your insurance company may give you a temporary cover notice, allowing you to drive our courtesy vehicle under your insurance policy. All you need to do is simply provide us with a copy of the insurance and full UK driving license. 



How long do I get to use the courtesy car?

The courtesy car is yours to be used for the full duration of repairs, whether that be a few days or a few weeks. Upon completion of repairs, we would expect the courtesy vehicle to be returned to us within 24 hours.



Your courtesy car is too small, I need something bigger.

At Jenkins & Pain we understand that you have your vehicle for a reason, whether it be for luxury, convenience or size. We have a range of courtesy cars which are all 5 door hatch backs. If you are in need of a courtesy van we can provide this if necessary. However, on the very rare occasion that you simply cannot work with our courtesy car, we advise that you either contact your insurance company to discuss the matter with them. 



How long will the repairs take on my vehicle?

At Jenkins & Pain we pride ourselves on the quality of work, not quantity of work. We will always try to give you an estimated time of repairs but on the rare occasion the repairs over run that date, there will always be a good reason for it. If the delays are extensive, as a result of parts being unavailable, we will endeavour to contact you at the earliest opportunity. Our aim is to deliver a high-quality service and we guarantee manufacturer approved parts and paint.



How do I track the progress of repairs?

As one of Kent’s leading accident repair centres we often have many vehicles to repair. Our friendly team will call, email and text you updates on your repair process. During the repair process we will contact you if we encounter any issues that will significantly delay your repairs but if at any stage you simply want an update of your repairs, give us a call and we will be happy to let you know what stage of repairs we are at. You can be rest assured that if you have not heard from us whilst we have your vehicle, then the repair process is going to plan and will be ready within a day or two of the estimated completion date you were advised.



I need my car back before I go away?

At time of booking your repairs, please notify us of any holidays or trips away that full within a 4 week period of your booking in date. The reason for this is because although we accept requested completion dates, we are unable to guarantee them. The quality of work is something we do not like to jeopardise by rushing the vehicle through and if we feel that there may not be enough time to get it repaired before your break, we will advise that it is booked following your return from holiday. Sometimes there are exceptional circumstances, which we appreciate and if your vehicle is already with us before a trip is arranged, please contact us to discuss.



Some damage has been sustained to your courtesy car whilst I have had it, what can I do?

The last thing you need at a time like this, is damage to a courtesy car that you are leasing. However, on the rare occasion it does happen, please contact us. Whether its a flat tyre, a car park dent or a full-on road traffic accident, we will be able to reassure you and advise you of the best way in which to deal with the situation. Obviously, we will expect any damage to be paid for as our courtesy cars are leased out and we do have to pay and maintain them, but we will endeavour to keep the costs to a minimum were possible for you.



I have had a message saying my car is complete, but I cannot pay my excess until pay day?

We are all too familiar with the financial strains we all have in life. In this situation, we are unable to release your vehicle until payment is received. We will agree a reasonable payment date, following that date storage charges will apply. If you are in a courtesy car, you are more than welcome to continue using that courtesy car until you pay, however after the first 24 hours following completion, the courtesy car will become a hire car and will incur a charge. 



My car runs out of MOT whilst you have my vehicle in for repairs, what can I do?

Whilst we do not complete MOT’s onsite, we are able to send your vehicle for an MOT on completion of repairs. All we ask is you simply pay the relevent MOT fee at time of handover.



My car has been deemed beyond economical repair but I want to keep it, what can I do?

If your vehicle has been deemed beyond economical repair by an insurance company, it does not mean to say that your vehicle is not repairable. On many of occasions’, we have had customers request that we repair the vehicle and they will pay the costs, following settlement with the insurance. That is no problem, anything is repairable and if your vehicle means more to you than it is economically worth, then to us it is worth repairing. The insurance company will insist that you get a new MOT on the vehicle following repairs and we can arrange this for you for the relevant cost so that when you get your vehicle back it is ready to go.



Can you do some extra work for me whilst my vehicle is in for repairs?

No problem at all, why not take a look at the other services we offer and ask us to give you a price.