It is not uncommon for some insurers to fit counterfeit parts. At Jenkins & Pain we guarantee to fit only genuine Vauxhall parts. Generally your insurer will not direct you to an approved Vauxhall repairer to have your vehicle repaired. However, it is always your decision to have your vehicle repaired at the repairer of your choice.

In the interest of integrity and safety not forgetting of course the resale value of your vehicle we recommend the use of an approved Vauxhall repairer. With Jenkins & Pain, you will have full Vauxhall standards applied to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. For more information about Vauxhall please visit

Vauxhall Accident Management

Vauxhall also operate a complimentary accident management service. For further information and advice on the services offered please visit Vauxhall’s Accident Management Service webpage.