We have a selection of vehicles and trained operators to recover your vehicle safely. We also employ trained drivers to drive your car back to the garage when appropriate and if recovery is not required.


All of our assessors are trained to the stringent industry standard VDA ATA. There will always be one of these skilled members of the team available to assess the damage sustained to your vehicle. The VDA ATA trained staff will ensure that your vehicle is repaired using the safest methods and techniques, taking into consideration all known safety implications when assessing the damage. They can also explain the proposed method of repair to you.

Ordering Parts

If replacement parts are required, we will order and track them electronically. We only use genuine manufacturer parts in our repairs - never cheaper, lower quality ones.

Each repaired vehicle has its own clean storage area to take good care of your belongings and displaced parts. The parts system is integrated with management and estimating systems.

Strip & Build

Now, one of our highly skilled and experienced technicians will strip the damaged parts of the car down and rebuild it anew, to make sure that every piece is back in full working order. We will take good care and respect your property at every stage. Our facilities are clean and well designed, so there is no danger of any of your property becoming dirty or damaged.

Panel Department

It is here that your panel damage is repaired or replaced using specialist welding equipment specifically designed to cope with the various and complex materials that modern vehicles are constructed from. We have a major crash repair jig and 4 mini pull alignment systems for lighter damage. To avoid unnecessary costs, we specialise in SMART repairs and have invested in modern equipment to repair, rather than replace, panels where possible.

All of our panel technicians have their welding capabilities regularly assessed by BSI (British Standards Institute) and must pass the rigorous testing criteria. They are trained to the industry recognised standard of Senior Panel ATA at an approved training centre and also attend specific manufacturer training courses.

Steering Geometry

One of the most sensitive parts of your car is its steering geometry. This needs to be tested thoroughly to give you the assurance that it is back to manufacturers tolerances after your damage repair. This will ensure your and your families safety with regard to road holding, braking, cornering, tyre wear, and general safety. We have invested over £40,000 in the very latest state of the art infrared technology for your safety and peace of mind.

Painting Department

After a panel has been repaired or replaced, it will require painting. We are careful to match our paint with the colour of your car, and have invested in computer based paint mixing smart scales to ensure the closest match possible.

We only use environmentally approved paint and coatings and have chosen to be regulated by the local authorities. The mixed paint is then applied to your car in controlled conditions with specified application temperatures, and then the paint is baked on for a factory finish in a one of our clean, dust free, sealed environments.

Valet & Final Inspection

After the repair, every vehicle is thoroughly valeted inside and out to remove all repair residues and leave you ready for the road with your car back to its pre-accident condition. A senior member of staff will check off your car using the defined checklists and criteria to ensure the repairs and cleaning meet our and your expectations.